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Best Islamic Quotes of Islam

Islam is the name of peace. Teaching of islam is to create a society based on equal rights and harmony among all social levels.We must read and learn Islam as much as possible to help ourselves and others to improve worldly life and hereafter for sure.  

Here is a quotes of islam enlisted for you to boost your motivation 

By Mufti Ismail Menk and Dr. Bilal Philips. 

“Allah has warned the Muslims against unstable and wavering faith.” 

Those you do good to will not only forget what you’ve done but many of them will go out of their way to harm you at some stage. It's the Almighty’s way of testing whether you were kind to them for His Pleasure or for your benefit.

quotes of islam

Every waking moment, remember the mercy Allah has bestowed upon you in  the simplest matters or even the major moments.

Many people crop, tweak, add filters & manipulate their images to present an impression of how they want to be perceived. Separating reality from the online image can be tough. Often, young people end up looking harshly at themselves as a result. They think they’re failures!

“It is the grace of God which will ultimately carry us to Paradise.” 

Why do we lie? Is it because we’re afraid of displeasing people? Or do we lie in order to
appear to be better than we really are? Examine the heart. Whatever the reason, work on it!

You might be suffering today. But that doesn't mean you’ll be suffering tomorrow. Have faith in Allah. 

quotes of islam about life

The Almighty will give you what you need to get through every difficulty. You just have to lay your trust in Him. Pray for the best solution and the Best Planner will show you the way out!

Every waking moment, remember the mercy Allah has bestowed upon you in the simplest matters or even the major moments. 

There is a huge pull on you to conform to the ways of the world. You’ve got to stand strong and firm. Rise above that which is prohibited by the Almighty. Rise above the darkness! Don’t give in. The choice is yours.

“Parents, teachers & religious leaders should ensure the youth are properly educated about religion.” Letters can Defeat Terror

The trouble with most people is that they call on the Almighty only after they’ve called
everybody else; this is the wrong order. He’s your Creator. He knows you better than anyone else. He knows about your problem before anyone did. So let’s change the order & seek Him first.

“Belief in Allah means accepting that nothing takes place in the universe without His

The better you are, the more successful you become, the bigger you get, the more you’ll be criticized or just have nasty things said about you or even to you; anonymously online. It usually stems from jealousy. Don’t waste time responding!

Who other than Allah has ever loved you unconditionally? Think about it. 

quotes of islam

Train yourself to remain polite even in the most difficult situation. Stand your ground
firmly but politely. Let them curse & swear. Choose to rise above cheap, verbal abuse which is widespread today. Sooner or later they’ll realize their mistake & how offensive they were!

“He taught human beings, beginning with Adam, how to repent.”

Everyone wants to succeed in life but only a few will be truly happy for your success. The truth is, people will generally only support your goals and dreams until you make it & end up doing more than them. Sadly, they want to see you do good, but never better than them!

Allah Almighty gave us the finest teacher to ever walk the Earth. Follow Muhammad (peace be upon him) in all your worldly affairs.

Don't be fooled and let the world tell you that when you win, you show immense strength. No. Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. The more you’ve gone through hardship and trials, the stronger you become!

islam quotes about life

“The way to overcome this problem of #Muslims getting radicalized is by educating the Muslim community about Islam.”

When you’re set on revenge and want to pay someone back, bear in mind that your actions will hurt you, not them. Learn to rise above it all. Revenge may give you a temporary high but it’s not worth it in the long term because you’re made for bigger and better things!

Islam is a religion of piece 

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Beautiful Islamic Quotes about Life with Images

In the Muslim faith set forth in the Quran, it is necessary to distinguish two sides: firstly, truths borrowed from the sacred books of the Old and New Testament, what are many sensible concepts about God and His properties, about angels, many moral precepts and commandments, many historical tales, - as evidenced by frequent references to these books of Mahomet himself; and secondly, everything that is borrowed from other sources: partly from the ancient Arabian faith, partly from the Judean Talmud, and partly transmitted by Mahomet himself and his followers.

The first kinds of truths have their full dignity, but they belong to the Divine Revelation, and not to Mohammed or the Koran. The Qur'an, however, belongs only to the fact that here these bright truths are often mixed with such delusions and fables that almost completely obscure and suppress them. For example, the Quran says that Abraham and Ishmael built a temple in Mecca (Sur. 2: 121), as if Ishmael was sacrificed (Sur. 38: 188), as if the Virgin Mary, the Mother of our Lord Jesus, was Sister Aaron that Jesus was still in his cradle spoke about himself: “I am a servant of God, He gave me a book and made me a Prophet” (Sur. 19:28), etc.

As for the other parts of the Muslim teachings, which are borrowed from human sources in the Qur'an, here we often find statements that clearly contradict Divine Revelation .

So in the theoretical part it is stated:

a) that everything that happens in the world is subject to unconditional predestination by Allah, but it cannot happen otherwise (17:13; 9:53);

b) that, in particular, every person has his own inevitable, irreversible fate (17:13), everyone is destined for a certain lifestyle and activity, good or evil, which clearly undermines all freedom and morality, and God becomes the culprit of evil;

c) that God created many people for hell, and therefore in the proper sense there is a despot (7: 180; 37: 163; 3: 189);

d) that the eternal bliss of the righteous in paradise will consist in the most gross sensual pleasures (2:25; 37:41; 55:45), and so on.

The inevitable fruit of such a doctrine is that all Muslim morality is limited to strict execution of external decrees , while almost no attention is paid to the correction of the heart (moreover, sin is understood only as ignorance of the law).

The main weakness of Islamic dogma is that it is only a religious law, a set of rules and regulations and does not give a direct connection with God (See the comparative table ). Muslims took on faith the sayings of Mohammed, who never communicated with the Creator directly and gave the divine properties of the book with the record of these sayings - the Koran. At the same time, they stubbornly refuse to accept faith in the Living God, who became incarnate, condescended to fallen humanity for his salvation, revealed Himself to communicate with all people. The living God rejects formalism in relation to Himself and says: “Son, give Me your heart!”. He needs precisely the human heart, and not properly executed laws and rituals. The Creator and Savior of the world is open to any person who addresses Him with sincere prayer andby repentance . The living God asks for the love of Himself, not for the dead rituals, which is clearly seen from His attitude to Pharisees in piety in the Gospels.

Inspirational Islamic Quotes with Images

by Mufti Ismael Menk and Bilal Philips

Time is a gift from the Almighty. How do you use it? You can either use it to worry and complain or to pray. Remember, one drains you the other changes you. The choice is yours. Make a wise choice. Experience the positive effect it will have in your life!

beautiful islamic quotes about life

Don’t worry about what has passed. Where you’re headed is more important than where you’ve been. Look ahead with hope in the Almighty’s Mercy. That is what you need to see you through. So keep going and don’t look back because you’re not revisiting the past any longer.

islamic quotes about life with images

Think well of others and see what it does to your heart. Each time you hear something bad about someone, don’t spread it, give him the benefit of the doubt. Put yourself in his position. Protect yourself from worrisome thoughts that disturb your mind. Keep the peace!

Almighty. On this blessed day, we thank You for guiding us when we felt lost & didn't know where to go, for always being there when everyone abandoned us, for shining Your light when we felt afraid of the dark & for carrying us through when we thought we couldn't make it!

Protect your good deeds at all costs. Foolish is the one who does a lot of good but doesn’t control his tongue and engages in backbiting, gossip & slander without batting an eyelid. He may turn up Judgement Day as a bankrupt, having to repay everyone he has wronged!

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At times, you may have to let go of certain people in order to please the Almighty. You may feel alone initially but the truth is you’re never lonely. He is always there for you. You only have to reach out to Him & when you put Him before everything else, He’ll reward you!

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Today’s world has established for mankind certain measures by which the merits of a 21st century person are evaluated. These criteria in principle can be divided into two types: ideal and material.

The first are kindness, honesty, help, pity, and other characteristics that rely on morality and spirituality. To the second — first of all, material well-being — that is, if a person has a certain amount of money, a new foreign car, a good home, a prestigious job, a big salary, etc. Recently, the topics of conversation, which most often concern the material side of life, have become topical. Even those conversations that are not directly related to the world of human well-being, in the end, boil down to the issue that concerns us each. This is true: if you ask your friend, brother, someone about health, then the conversation naturally turns to the disease, its treatment and, thus, the need to buy expensive medicines, which is not always affordable ...

Yes, indeed, money is needed without them is bad. No one will argue that for a normal life without money and at least the average level of well-being is not enough. But the topic of this article is not about whether it is bad or good to talk about money and the level of well-being of each person. We are concerned about the imbalance between the spiritual and material aspects of our life, which threatens normal human relationships.

Today, by modern standards, it is not so important what kind of person you are: decent, kind and honest or quite the opposite? The fact is that your decency does not feed and does not make a profit - and no one will pay attention to your kindness or honesty, if for some reason you do not have money. It became an obvious fact that the people of the 21st century turned into a soulless body, whose life is dedicated only to material prey, and not to the acquisition of spiritual wealth. The strongest psychological impact of the material world and its shades suppresses those people who seek to adhere to the balanced state of a civilized humane person. They are getting smaller in today's world! It is harder and harder to maintain one’s life position where the environment dictates its own conditions of existence: “If you want to live, move in the general flow, and then we will see ... After all, God is Merciful, Forgiving. And, - in the end, you are one of many, not the first and not the last ... And what can you do alone against this powerful stream? ”

In order for our discussion to be constructive and focused, we, as Muslims, must clearly define our value criteria, and only then can we build our conversation, draw further conclusions, and make recommendations. Imagine that we live in a world where the dignity of a person depends on his wealth and material well-being, and his soulful, humane traits are lost forever. In such a world, one can observe the scene when a man offers his hand and heart to a girl, and a certificate from the bank is asked about the condition of his money bag. Or another option: a person comes to the hospital for an operation, and he is required to show a bank check so that the doctor can decide whether to operate on him or not. Or again: a person who needs material assistance comes to you, and you refuse him because you have your own family, your children,

We have to realize what is happening with us: we are moving in a stream that leads us to a dead end of anti-humanism, where we confidently come - if not today, then tomorrow ... Or maybe we will let everyone live as he pleases, and the rest - God will judge? 

Not true! Now, more than ever, it is acutely felt that not everyone cares that many do not want to live in a world where the main criterion is only the material side of life. And this my conviction gives me the confidence and strength to continue my article and try to think about ways or steps that can stop those who are lost in the shades of this material world. 

Our great religion Islam clearly defined the balance lost between many spiritual and material worlds: “And with the help of what Allah granted you, strive to find the abode of the next life. Do not neglect your share in this world, do good, just as Allah has done good for you, and do not seek outrage on earth, for Allah does not love those who are outrageous ”(28:77). 

Islam does not share religious and secular lifestyles - they complement each other in a harmony that they rarely or will never see in other religions or legislations. " ... - after all, We have not missed anything in this Scripture, - and then they will all be gathered before their Lord ." (6:38).

The first and foremost factor of our life should be piety, - our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) clearly defined in his sermon, which he said in his last Hajj: “There is no difference between black and white, Arab and non-Arab, - superiority between They determine the fear of God. " 

Secondly, a Muslim commits acts based on his intention, and when he commits a good deed, he does it for the sake of Allah and waits for encouragement only from Him, and not from those whom he has rendered any help: “ I do not ask you are rewarded for it, for only the Lord of the worlds will reward me ”(26: 109). 

Thirdly, a person becomes an owner of wealth or property by the will of Allah: “It was He who made you the heirs of the earth and exalted in degrees one above the other in order to test you in what He gave you. Verily, He is quick in punishment, and verily, He is forgiving, merciful ”(6: 165). And the person realizes that it is necessary to dispose of this property according to the established standards of the Almighty. Consequently, a Muslim knows that, at the behest of Allah, not only he has the right to this property, but also the needy, the poor, the members of their families, the state. And he cannot shy away from the observance of these rights, because he is obedient to the will of the Lord, who knows all his thoughts, intentions, and deeds. 

Allah the Most High established for man laws and norms that should act in accordance with the order and proportionality determined by Him, and warned us from falling into the imbalance that we talked about at the beginning of the article.

Our Creator wishes us the best: “ Allah wishes you relief, not difficulty ” (2: 185). He established a certain harmonious order of our lives. But the person refused these norms and believes that he knows everything and can do everything, and therefore does not need advice or restrictions. But for some reason, if a doctor prescribes an appropriate course of treatment for him, he tries to carry it out in the most thorough way. Is not Allah Almighty and All-Knowing? If someone thinks otherwise, then let him choose his own personal, own way of life and, in the end, he himself is personally responsible for his actions and deeds. 

The Most High established that our wealth and property should not be more precious to us than the love of Him and His Prophet: “Say (Muhammad):“If your fathers, sons, brothers, spouses, your families, accumulated property, trade, the stagnation of which you fear, and dwellings that you rejoice, if all this is dearer to you than Allah, His Messenger and the struggle for His work, then wait until the will of Allah is fulfilled. After all, Allah does not instruct sinners on the straight path ”(9:24). He said that our property and children can become Fitna (test) for us, and we must take a very responsible approach to this issue: “ Know that your property and your children are a test for you and that Allah has a great reward for believers ” ( 8:28). He determined for us the degree of legality of using the acquired property and called for spending part of it on the way of Allah: “And those who suffer, striving for the countenance of Allah, perform a ceremonial prayer, spend it secretly and clearly from what We gave to them, and prevent evil from good. They are destined to dwell ”(13:22). Gd warned us about greed and love for material life and showed us the way to purification from this dirt. Our Creator knows everything about us and, therefore, can offer man the most optimal way of salvation from imbalance.

Modern man has become a money-making robot, a soulless monster that seeks to impose its paw on everything around it. This is palpable in our everyday life, we all see it, but no one wants to ask ourselves: what end awaits us all and whether someone will help us solve our current problems - the fear and excitement that each of us has at home, at work , on the street, everywhere. It is time for us to think strongly about the moral degradation of a person, about the loss of spiritual and moral values. We all fear war, the atomic bomb, weapons of mass destruction, but we forget that all these horrors were created by a man himself who wants to prove to himself that he can live without God and without a patron.

In this regard, we all face the main question: so what do we do if we do not solve anything? This question has always been and probably will be quite a long time the most urgent and most important for us. And we ask it not only because we want to know the answer; - we want positive shifts and changes, and therefore we want to act! In this case, it is necessary to take into account the first and important point: we really see a danger, we are convinced that there is a threat of loss of moral values. And we should think about it, we should be concerned about the fate of humanity. This question should occupy part of our thoughts, our concerns, just as we always think about a piece of bread, about how and where to earn it ... This question should be constantly discussed, explaining the degree of danger of the problem to those people who Do not think about its seriousness. We have to talk and write about it! We should not be silent, because to close the mouth of justice is to destroy us all! Let each of us look at ourselves, begin with ourselves and begin to live according to the laws established by God.

We are human beings, rational beings born by Allah. We can not live like animals - just eat, sleep and not think about anything. After all, Allah conceived and created us not such: “ Undoubtedly, We bestowed honor on the sons of Adam and, by Our will, they moved on land and sea, We gave them benefits and gave them a clear superiority over other creatures. (17:70). The fate of our future depends on me, you and others, on the strength of our conviction in the truth of the word of the Most High.

Life is all about Islam 

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In Islam: How to Stop Racism ? Ways To Deal With Bigotry

How is every one ? Alhamdolillah. We ask Allah S.W.T to accept our good deeds and forgive us. ameen

If you have a car a vehicle and it has an amazing exterior , suspension is awesome , interior is immaculate It has perfect specs. But if you don't put gas in it then how far it will go ?  No where right ? And also it is run based on the fuel quality in it. This equation is similar to Muslims and Eemaan (Faith)      

Muslim like a car, looks well functioning MashALLAH, but with out Eemaan (Faith) in side heart it is just like all good looking outside.  He/she cant function without faith. Deen is dependent upon the level of eemaan in the heart of the believers. 

Core of what eemaan is and how it functions how we can learn to make it work for us how we can learn to thanking back to eemaan.

Every human actions began with the thought. Our thought process is what leads towards sayings and action. That is why in Islam it is focused on to take great care of your thinking. Like in case of rage we are asked to change our current physical position and drink water to get control our thought process which is hijacked by Satan during furious situation.

So we can change the way we think, we can change the way we perceive and we can change the intentions we make. Our intentions are purely to please Allah S.W.T. If we are able to get succeed in it then our every word, every action would be a Da'awa and a great kher InshAllah. even we can be rewarded during sleep inshALLAH.    

What is Eman?
Believe in Allah, his Angels, His Books, His Rasools, Yom-e-Akhera (Day of judgment) and Taqdeer. Emaan is firm believe of something believe of Yes and No. This is matter of fact for us.This believe that fuse us to act upon accordingly. Such as salah (Namaz), Zaka, Hajj etc. We listen and we obey.

How to deal with racism ?

Why Muslims won battles in the history when they were weaker , less resourceful and less in numbers as compared to enemies ? Because their Hearts were pure and fill with faith and they love each other they help each other and Allah S.W.T gave them victory over victory. This was pure Eemaan.    

Racism is one of the biggest problem that Muslim umma (Nation) is facing. Islam has already clearly stated that Muslims are brothers and no one is above in status due to his region,color and ethnicity. Only Taqwa is the reference of getting superiority. Racism/bigotry is against Deen Islam and our faith.

 In Human beings recorded history our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W was the 1st man to challenge racism/bigotry and wiped it out. To face this issue we have teaching of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W when he faced bigotry. Seek Allah's help and with patience, help each and every human being without any discrimination at the time of need. Be open to all in actions and utmost respectful.Be just to all not only to Muslims only. 

Our Mosques should be open for all for community and support those who are homeless and cant even afford food. This is what the purpose of Islam is to make everyone believer and together we go to Jannah after living worldly life as per Deen.       

Alcoholism, drug addiction, child abuse,Orphanage and poverty problems around us.If we don't know then there is a huge problem. Where are Muslims? Find out.Why don't we show them the path of Mosques to consider these places as a help center as well ? Isn't that part of our Deen to eradicate these issues in the lives of other people ?

There are many brothers and sisters who are doing great efforts in helping community we are not going to disregard them but as a whole we need to do a lot.       

We have been sent to guide others towards Islam just like our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W did.
So be visionary and live life as per Deen and go out and help others who are lost in this world.Its upon us the responsibility now.

These are proven Islamic ways to solve racism and bigotry.We must simply follow them.


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How Muslims Should Behave in Non-Muslim Community?

I encourage you to get respect for people who possess the appropriate that they ought to be respected, those between whom there is an arrangement (of security ) for you. For the property where you're currently residing is such that there's an arrangement between them and you. They'd have murdered you or relegated you, if this weren't the case. Keep this arrangement, and don't prove harmful to it, it isn't in the method of the Believers, and because treachery is a indication of the hypocrites.

quotes of islam

Don't be tricked by those expressions of those foolish individuals, those that say"Those individuals are Non-Muslims, therefore their prosperity is legal for us (to misappropriate or simply take by means of killing and murder )." For by Allah - that is a lie. A lie about Allah's Religion along with a lie concerning societies.

So we might not state it is legal to be treacherous towards individuals.

O youth! O Muslims! Since truthfulness is in the Believers' Features,

O youth! Be accurate in your expressions with your own brothers, and with these Non-Muslims whom you reside along together - you will be invited into the Religion of Islam, by your activities and in fact. Just many people there are those who entered into Islam due to the behavior and ways of the Muslims, and their truthfulness, and they're being accurate within their own dealings.

Muslims know that Islam and the Holy publication Quran is a comprehensive package that informs us how to invest our own lives at the very best manner. An individual could debate about alternations and gap in faith because of interject and teachings out of ancestors. But it's always suggested to start the Holy publication and confirm yourself.

Islam sheds great significance on acting during our life.

Haqooq Al-Ibaad mostly deals with the way we act in our everyday routines. Assessing our anger, assisting others, speaking to friends and family well along with other facets are what construct our character and reflect on how we act.

From the realm of extremism, we've forgotten how to take differences concerning spiritual beliefs and we've stopped respecting the minorities.

All we've got in this world is due to Allah's benefit of our efforts.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to talk about his meals with other people to be certain everyone eats and doesn't sleep in an empty belly. He taught us that ingestion in surplus isn't wise.

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Our Prophet's life is a comprehensive example of the way, under all of the situation were, kept battling. He maintained trying for the goals he'd.

Numerous Muslim nations suffer by the control of corruption. It's something that's strictly prohibited in Islam, even if it revolves around the actions carried out by people.

As stated previously, Haqooq Al-Ibaad plays a massive part in how we act. Obtaining guests and handling them has been provided a great deal of anxiety in Quran -- like valuing our neighbors.

While we might not make the most of the standing, we do misbehave together on events since we are feeling proud of what we've -- an upper-hand plus also a greater bank balance.

We hear tales full of exaggeration and consider them. We hear one side of this narrative and assume the whole circumstance. Without verifying anything, we all presume scenarios and this action isn't valued in Islam because it contributes unfortunate occasions.

However hard we work, we'll never have the ability to pay back our parents along with their attempts

Aims : Describe how the Muslim neighborhood reveals admiration for one another and carries out its spiritual duties and excellent actions.

Additional Muslims have a responsibility to safeguard and respect those rights. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said that the life, land and honor of a single Muslim are sacred to the other. In addition, he said that a real apology desires for his brother what he desires for himself.

islamic inspirational sayings
Case study: the best way to show admiration :
If something goes to some other individual, don't steal this, or harm it. If you're lent it take decent care of it and then return it when you've finished with that. Don't tease or bully; don't frighten them or mad them with no reason. In case you've got lousy news to tell them, then tell them softly. Don't enter their houses with no invitation; don't need their information but let them provide it instead.
Treat everyone you meet good ways to demonstrate that you realize they are as essential as you. You're appreciated by God and also have a responsibility to care for yourself. Keep yourself fit and healthy.

Spiritual duties: The spiritual responsibilities of the Ummah will be to carry the Five Pillars, to celebrate the festivals, to comply with the laws of God and to follow the example of their Prophet (peace be upon him) and his Companions. A few of those duties like prayer and fasting that they could all do. Others, such as Hajj, some can perform and others can't because of lack of financing. In order for the Muslim community (Ummah) to work well, it requires specialists in the Qur'an Sunnah and Shari'ah Law to ensure that the authentic teachings aren't forgotten. It requires applicants to settle disputes involving Muslims and to rule on issues such as divorce, inheritance, etc.. It can require governors, leaders and leaders who will talk on behalf of their village or community into the ruler or the authorities. All this is accomplished by staying as a jama'ah (united body) beneath the ruler of this nation without any rebellion, street violence and demonstrations, which are forbidden under Islamic law since they result in upheaval from the Ummah.

Great action and Sadaqah: Great actions are anticipated from most Muslims. The sense of brotherhood and sisterhood ought to be so powerful that if some Muslim hears that the next is in true desire, they ought to promptly ask:"What do I do to help?" Still another narration of the Prophet (peace be upon him) says:"you cannot enter Paradise unless you happen to be a believer, and you can't be a true believer if you don't adore one another. Shall I not point you to some thing that if you should practice it, you'd adore one another?

Every Muslim must be generous with their time and their money to help people around them. This is the obligation of sadaqah or charity. Righteousness contains everything from praising and glorifying God, to assisting people at all possible. Even grinning in the face of fellow Muslim is known as sadaqah (charitable act). And this charity obviously extends to non-Muslims too, if they are neighbors or coworkers at work and so forth.

Righteous actions are rewarded by God when a individual worships Allah alone and doesn't commit idolatry. Idolatry is to worship gods besides Allah, if it be idols, saints, angels, prophets, celebrities or the deceased in their graves. The discretionary righteous deeds are somewhat more important than the duties such as Prayer, Zakah, Hajj and Fasting because these are out of the Five Pillars -- a Muslim is expected to practice Islam and boost one's religion (iman) farther with discretionary righteous actions rather than replace the Five Pillars. A Muslim who does a lot of charitable work but doesn't beg the daily prayers, cover the Zakah or quickly Ramadan isn't regarded as righteous, whatsoever.

Relations between individuals are extremely important in Islam, and keeping good relations with other people ought to be a most important priority of a Muslim. In reality, Islam teaches that Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) stated:"I've been sent to best the very best of ways". He outlined the objective of his whole message to the perfection of their best of ways. The following is merely a sample of a few of the teachings of Islam about ways and connections with other people.

Kindness into the Neighbour: Islam greatly highlights the connection with acquaintances. Muslims are expected to take care of their neighbors from the kind and gentle manner, and therefore are strictly prohibited from damaging them. In reality, the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) stated that somebody who hurts their neighbors isn't a believer. In addition, he stated that when somebody doesn't harm their neighbors, they will enter heaven, even if the remainder of their acts of worship aren't numerous.

Eliminating Obstacles From How: Would you think that Islamic teachings expand to clearing a barrier from a course? Yes, it's true. The Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) taught us that among the characteristics of a true believer is they eliminate obstacles and harmful objects from a public trail or road.

Kindness to Parents: Islam has increased the value of kindness for parents into the greatest possible degree. This demonstrates it is possibly the most important activity that a Muslim should take following belief in God.

Kindness into Spouses: there's a great deal of focus in Islam on form and reasonable treatment of partners. The Qur'an clarifies marriage as tranquility and tranquility, also teaches that God has created feelings of mercy and love between the partners. In reality, the Qur'an additional clarifies partners as being garments for one another, in regards to the feeling of warmth and protection that partners must provide to one another.

Honesty: Islam teaches us that we want to be truthful in our dealings with people. There's not any justification for being deceitful. Islam teaches us that honesty contributes to righteousness, and righteousness contributes to paradise, while lying contributes to sinfulness and sinfulness contributes to the hell fire. The Prophet (pbuh) explicitly stated that someone who cheats others isn't a believer.

Islam teaches us that mercy and kindness in each issue only makes matters better, along with also the absence of mercy and kindness in any issue simply makes it even worse. In reality, the Qur'an teaches us that with the individual with whom we've got an enmity, we ought to deal kindly and at the best possible manner, since this can help change this individual from an enemy into a near ally. Muslims are educated to be more merciful to creatures. Although Muslims are permitted to eat the meat of certain animals, they're taught to decrease the suffering of animals during their lifetime and even throughout their slaughter. This is carried out using a sharp knife to cut the throat and the primary blood vessels into the creature's mind, which makes sure that the creature feels the least possible quantity of pain. Muslims have been after these teachings for more than 1400 decades!

Smiling when others consider you're considered a kind of charity for which Muslims get rewarded. That is why Muslims generally smile and shake hands whenever they match, and they espouse if they haven't seen one another for quite a while. Muslims will also be instructed to greet each other once they view each other together with the finest possible greeting.

No more Backbiting: Islam prohibits backbiting, and that's to speak about other people behind their backs. The Qur'an contrasts backbiting to eating the flesh of your own buddy, which reveals how despised this activity is in Islam. The Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) instructed us mentioning anything negative about someone when they're not current is backbiting. Among the followers asked:"Imagine if this negative issue is actually true about this individual?" The Prophet (pbuh) responded by saying that even if it's accurate, this is known as backbiting. However, if it's untrue, it's worse than backbiting since it's also a lie.

The Qur'an educates us that we shouldn't do this because the person we're cursing or ridiculing might be greater than us in several ways. Additionally, engaging in these forms of activities casts doubt on the strength of their notion of a Muslim. Islam teaches us that God despises those using foul language and always curse and others.

In reality, Islam teaches us that the poor possess a share in our prosperity, therefore it's not optional to provide charity. It's their right. Additionally, Islam teaches us to be generous and to provide others from that which we have, even when we've got a true demand for this. When the first Muslims of town of Al-Madinah obtained refugees in the city of Makkah, they split their whole riches with them half, sharing with them their homes, farms, creatures and cash.

Friendship: Islam takes friendship into a higher degree, speaking to Muslims as sisters and brothers, and expecting them to take care of each other as such. A Muslim is likely to desire for others what they want for themselves. Additionally, a Muslim is expected to provide honest information to friends and also to be there for them and assist them whenever possible. Muslims are prohibited from left handed or boycotting a buddy with whom they've had a debate for over three days. Following the 3 days, they're anticipated to forgive their pal and restart the friendship.

Islamic behavior

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Islamic Quotes about Patience with Images | Sabr Quotes Islam

Worldly Life is full of ups and down. Hardships of life demands sabar and full trust in ALLAH S.W.T .For this very important need we have enlist sabar quotes in islam.These islamic quotes about hardship are from the sayings of Mufti Ismail Menk and Dr. Bilal Philips. 

You've got to be patient in this journey called LIFE. It will make you, it will break you. 
You’ll meet people along the way who will render help & those who will leave you by the wayside. But if you keep asking the One who made you, He will never disappoint. So never stop asking!

“As a Muslim, you should always be thankful to God. Whatever circumstance you find yourself in, know that God wants the best for you

islamic quotes about hardship

Whatever you do, always have the right intention. Do it solely for the sake of the Almighty and watch how He opens doors you could never have imagined before. Remember, He can make the impossible, possible. Miracles do happen. Trust Him!

“Move towards Islam in a step by step fashion. You don’t try to change everything at once. Because when you try to do everything together, it may become too great a burden for you to keep up with. And then you end up dropping everything.

islamic quotes about patience

Beware the toxic "friends" who will never compliment you. They'll never have a good word or congratulate you on your achievements. In fact, they're much more likely to kick you when you're down. It’s always about them. They’ll drain you of all your energy! Keep your 

“In order to volunteer (for Islam), we must have the right mindset. Otherwise what we see is volunteers in the beginning are full of energy and passion and slowly it diminishes till we don’t see them anymore.

We often hear people cursing their fate, wondering why it’s always them who have to suffer. Why is the Almighty always testing me? Why is He rewarding those who sin with more wealth? The truth is each one of us is tested differently. He knows what He’s doing. Press on!

Plant the seeds of piety and faithfulness in your children today so that they’ll reap a 
better tomorrow.

sabar quotes in islam

All the wealth you painstakingly amass will remain here. You won’t be able to take one 
single thing with you. Always remember this. What are you gaining really, and at what price? Are you sacrificing your Hereafter for some glitz & glamour of this world that many call 

"O young people! Whoever among you can marry, should marry, because it helps him lower his gaze & guard his modesty (i.e. his private parts from committing illegal sexual intercourse etc) & whoever is not able to marry, should fast, as fasting diminishes his sexual power."Bukhari

Money is important, for sure. But you don’t have to go crazy over it. The Almighty has 
written it down for you, there is no need for you to lie, cheat, deceive, resort to fraud 
practices, abuse the rights of others just to make some extra bucks. Greed doesn’t pay!

“Conveyance of the message of Islam is an ongoing responsibility of the Muslim community as a whole and those in the community who have the best knowledge, best abilities to speak, etc, then that obligation becomes heavy on their shoulders.”

Don't be frustrated. Be patient instead; with the Almighty and with yourself. Don’t be in 
such a rush. We often expect His schedule to be the same as ours! It rarely works that way. We’re in a hurry. He’s not. Remember, He’s always on time. Not a moment earlier or later!

How many times has someone close to you let you down? Turn your face toward your Creator and you’ll never feel sorrow. 

Almighty. On this blessed day, we pray that You keep us on the straight path.  Protect us 
from being misled from all the lies and trickery of this world. Show us the truth as truth 
and allow us to follow it; and show us the wrong as wrong and allow us to avoid it! Aameen

‘If I had gold equal to the mountain of Uhud, it would not please me that it should remain with me for more than three days, except an amount which I would keep for repaying debts.’ 
[Sahih Bukhari – Volume 3, Book 41, Number 574]

If you want something, you can’t just sit back & do nothing; you have got to work for it. 
When you have put in effort, exhausted your brains on how to tackle a certain problem, then rely on the Almighty for the results. If it’s meant for you, it’ll be yours!

Sabr Quotes Islam

“The Mujaddid will be a fundamentalist, calling people back to the fundamentals of Islam in their pristine purity, and not an innovator or defender of deviant customs and traditions of a given land.” 

People ask why do bad things happen to good people while all that’s good goes to the bad ones? If you dig deeper, you’ll realize that whatever happens in your life is according to the Almighty’s plan. It’ll always work out for you, be it in this world or the next! Be 
patient !

“God has blessed human beings in ways more than they can count. Therefore He deserves their wholehearted and unconditional love.”

There will be temptations in life. But keep your heart firm on what is favoured by the 
Almighty. Keep yourself away from His displeasure.  He is the Provider. If you remain firm in faith, following His way, He will provide for you from sources you wouldn’t even imagine existed!

Whether you’re sitting in traffic or lounging at home, make sure your tongue is always moist with the remembrance of the One that holds your soul. 

These were Islamic inspirational quotes for difficult times.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Islamic Inspirational Quotes for Difficult Times

We all seek inspiration from different things in life. To do positive actions we must be strong enough to over come negative thoughts and obstacles in the way of righteous deeds. Here is a list of beautiful islamic quotes of Mufti Ismail Menk that will inspire you and surely will help you in difficult times.

Best Islamic Sayings | Islamic Status

We feel good when people believe in us and make us feel useful and valuable. It’s a human 
trait we all have. But the truth is, relying on people will only bring about 
disappointments. People will let you down. Remember, your value and self worth comes from 
the Almighty!

Let it go. The things that have happened in the past, the things that aren’t happening right 
now, let it go. If you want to move on, stop looking back on your past. That part of your 
life is over. If you want to see the light, stop holding yourself in the darkness of your 

best islamic quotes from quran

Do you know that we judge others because we’re insecure? When we judge, we are often 
projecting something we don't want to feel about ourselves or something that we feel is 
missing in our own lives. Think about this the next time you’re tempted to pass judgement!

Stop dwelling & brooding over things that haven’t worked out. Accept what happened, 
acknowledge how you feel about it, then put it behind you and move on. Remember, it’s all 
part of the Almighty’s Plan. You can’t change the past, but you can surely change the 

Be mindful of your old habits. Don’t go back to them. Remember, toxic behaviour and negative 
energy have a way of creeping back into your life when you’re doing better. Make a conscious 
effort to boot them out once and for all. Be firm. Be focused.

best islamic sayings

Someone did you wrong? Learn to let it go. The truth is they will ruin more of your life if 
you allow them to invade your mind like a virus. This will in turn affect the quality of 
your life. The best thing to do is to move on. Show that you’re strong enough to take 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve made mistakes. We all do. You don’t need to carry around labels 
or mistakes from yesterday as if they define you. Whatever’s done, is done. It’s over. It 
doesn’t have to brand you and affect the new choices you're making today. Go forward.

We have literally become obsessed with taking photos and videos of ourselves and others. 
It’s just another way of separating our lives that we show off on social from reality. 
Somehow, our devices have become our vices; they've begun to control our lives!

islamic status

We have literally become obsessed with taking photos and videos of ourselves and others. 
It’s just another way of separating our lives that we show off on social from reality. 
Somehow, our devices have become our vices; they've begun to control our lives!

Your journey is yours alone. There’s no need to look right or left to see who’s cheering you 
on or who’s celebrating you. Quit worrying about who’s not on your side. Keep your focus on 
the road ahead. You’ll get there just as the Almighty has planned it for you!

Learn to say no to people who mess with your head. The ones who keep doing things 
intentionally to upset you. The ones who always play the victim even though it’s obvious 
they’re wrong. The ones who expect you to prioritise them but won’t do the same for you. 
Avoid them!

quran quotes in urdu

You should know by now that people will speculate, they’ll think the worst of you, they’ll 
judge, assume, gossip & backbite. When told the truth, most won’t even bother to correct 
themselves. Such is the state of humankind today. Protect yourself. Stay away from such 
sinful acts!

Almighty. On this blessed day, protect us from the evils of this world. Grant us strength 
and good patience to cope with our trials. Help us surrender to Your Decree because You know 
what we don’t. You know what we need. You know what’s best for us!

Each day that you spend with negative thoughts, crying over what others may have done to 
you, feeling hopeless and that life is meaningless, is a day wasted. Pick yourself up. Learn 
to energise yourself. Be positive. Be strong. Be hopeful. Don’t give up on life!

You may wake today thinking it’s going to be the most difficult day to get through. But the 
Almighty knows you’ll get by just fine. The pain will ease and the hurt will pass. It’s 
because nothing lasts in this world. He has promised better days ahead.

Your heart is the most important organ in your body. Guard it with your life. Don’t give it 
to just anyone. Protect it from hatred, jealousy etc. Nurture it. Imbibe it with what’s 
good. Your heart will get what it prays for. Don’t think the Almighty is not aware of your 

islamic quote

It's wrong to think that your life means nothing. The Almighty has created you for a reason 
and instead of thinking bad and low about yourself, you must strive towards finding your 
purpose and why He has created you. Be confident but don’t let it turn into arrogance and 

If you’re tempted to share something on social media, investigate before you do. Anything 
you post comes from you, which means you’re responsible for it’s accuracy, even if you got 
it from somewhere else. Things can come back to haunt you in the most unimaginable way. Be 

Friday, September 28, 2018

Beautiful Islamic Quotes About Life with Images

Islam is such a beautiful way of living successful life in both worlds. In this world humans are fighting with two forces to keep themselves hopeful on motivated. One is Satan force and other is Nafs. To fight with these forces we continuously seek Allah's help and forgiveness. We learn lessons from Quran Majeed and apply in our daily life. 

To keep ourselves motivated we have enlisted inspirational islamic quotes with images of Mufti Ismail Menk.

Choose kindness above all else. Kind people use positivity as a lantern to create more 
light. That’s because they’ve seen what negativity can do to you. They make time for others 
in a world that doesn’t wait for anyone. It takes strength to shake off all the bad and move 

islamic quotes

Almighty. On this blessed day, keep our hearts soft and protect them from hardening. Shower 
us with Your Mercy, such that when we commit a sin, we feel the guilt that comes with it. 
Don’t make us among those who sin and yet don’t feel remorseful. Aameen.

islamic quote

Everything you do comes back to you; whether good or bad. You’re a reflection of what you 
put out into the world. If you constantly use & abuse people, life will use and abuse you. 
If you dedicate your life to doing good, you will be rewarded. Be positive, kind & 

islamic quotes images

Whatever it is you want to do, do it now. Don't use the excuse of waiting for perfect timing 
to procrastinate. Perfection is not for this world. So before you end up miserable because 
you’ve been stuck waiting, act on it and start today.

islamic quotes with image

In this life, periods of ease and hardship will keep alternating; that’s why we should never 
get complacent when things are good. Remember, the best worship is waiting for the ease to 
come when you’re experiencing hardship.

islam quotes images

The truth is you’re going to be slandered from time to time, so don’t allow it to throw you 
into emotional turmoil when it happens. If you feel the need to defend yourself against a 
lie, the best approach is to give yourself time to cool off. Think the matter through 

islam quotes image

If you find yourself & your conversation focusing on people; what’s going on in their lives, 
their relationships, their social status etc, then you have a serious problem on your hand. 
You need to get out of that mould; focus on yourself rather than being concerned with 

inspirational islamic quotes with images

If you live your life worrying about who hurt you and who broke you down, you’re going to 
end up being miserable. Learn to look at the positive side; who was always there and helped 
you back on your feet again and made you smile once more!

beautiful islamic quotes about life

In hard times, we’re grateful to the Almighty by being patient and by recognizing that it 
could be much worse. Trust His Plan and have complete reliance on Him. We ask Him to make us 
among those who are patient and grateful, both in good and bad times.

The truth is we spend so much time doing useless things trying to impress people who don’t 
care much about us. Learn to shift your focus and do things that matter. Things that will 
draw you closer to the Almighty. Things that will have a bearing. Don’t worry about the 

Only the Almighty knows the state of our heart. He knows what lies ahead. He knows what’s 
best for us. So when we’re overwhelmed and anxious that things may not work out, remember 
this; He never makes mistakes!

We all get hurt. We all have wounds, but you cannot let that be an excuse to just sit around 
and do nothing. Remember, pain is part of life. Your emotional wounds strengthen you because 
they show you have lived a purposeful life.