Friday, September 28, 2018

Beautiful Islamic Quotes About Life with Images

Islam is such a beautiful way of living successful life in both worlds. In this world humans are fighting with two forces to keep themselves hopeful on motivated. One is Satan force and other is Nafs. To fight with these forces we continuously seek Allah's help and forgiveness. We learn lessons from Quran Majeed and apply in our daily life. 

To keep ourselves motivated we have enlisted inspirational islamic quotes with images of Mufti Ismail Menk.

Choose kindness above all else. Kind people use positivity as a lantern to create more 
light. That’s because they’ve seen what negativity can do to you. They make time for others 
in a world that doesn’t wait for anyone. It takes strength to shake off all the bad and move 

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Almighty. On this blessed day, keep our hearts soft and protect them from hardening. Shower 
us with Your Mercy, such that when we commit a sin, we feel the guilt that comes with it. 
Don’t make us among those who sin and yet don’t feel remorseful. Aameen.

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Everything you do comes back to you; whether good or bad. You’re a reflection of what you 
put out into the world. If you constantly use & abuse people, life will use and abuse you. 
If you dedicate your life to doing good, you will be rewarded. Be positive, kind & 

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Whatever it is you want to do, do it now. Don't use the excuse of waiting for perfect timing 
to procrastinate. Perfection is not for this world. So before you end up miserable because 
you’ve been stuck waiting, act on it and start today.

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In this life, periods of ease and hardship will keep alternating; that’s why we should never 
get complacent when things are good. Remember, the best worship is waiting for the ease to 
come when you’re experiencing hardship.

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The truth is you’re going to be slandered from time to time, so don’t allow it to throw you 
into emotional turmoil when it happens. If you feel the need to defend yourself against a 
lie, the best approach is to give yourself time to cool off. Think the matter through 

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If you find yourself & your conversation focusing on people; what’s going on in their lives, 
their relationships, their social status etc, then you have a serious problem on your hand. 
You need to get out of that mould; focus on yourself rather than being concerned with 

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If you live your life worrying about who hurt you and who broke you down, you’re going to 
end up being miserable. Learn to look at the positive side; who was always there and helped 
you back on your feet again and made you smile once more!

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In hard times, we’re grateful to the Almighty by being patient and by recognizing that it 
could be much worse. Trust His Plan and have complete reliance on Him. We ask Him to make us 
among those who are patient and grateful, both in good and bad times.

The truth is we spend so much time doing useless things trying to impress people who don’t 
care much about us. Learn to shift your focus and do things that matter. Things that will 
draw you closer to the Almighty. Things that will have a bearing. Don’t worry about the 

Only the Almighty knows the state of our heart. He knows what lies ahead. He knows what’s 
best for us. So when we’re overwhelmed and anxious that things may not work out, remember 
this; He never makes mistakes!

We all get hurt. We all have wounds, but you cannot let that be an excuse to just sit around 
and do nothing. Remember, pain is part of life. Your emotional wounds strengthen you because 
they show you have lived a purposeful life.

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