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Beautiful Islamic Quotes about Life with Images

In the Muslim faith set forth in the Quran, it is necessary to distinguish two sides: firstly, truths borrowed from the sacred books of the Old and New Testament, what are many sensible concepts about God and His properties, about angels, many moral precepts and commandments, many historical tales, - as evidenced by frequent references to these books of Mahomet himself; and secondly, everything that is borrowed from other sources: partly from the ancient Arabian faith, partly from the Judean Talmud, and partly transmitted by Mahomet himself and his followers.

The first kinds of truths have their full dignity, but they belong to the Divine Revelation, and not to Mohammed or the Koran. The Qur'an, however, belongs only to the fact that here these bright truths are often mixed with such delusions and fables that almost completely obscure and suppress them. For example, the Quran says that Abraham and Ishmael built a temple in Mecca (Sur. 2: 121), as if Ishmael was sacrificed (Sur. 38: 188), as if the Virgin Mary, the Mother of our Lord Jesus, was Sister Aaron that Jesus was still in his cradle spoke about himself: “I am a servant of God, He gave me a book and made me a Prophet” (Sur. 19:28), etc.

As for the other parts of the Muslim teachings, which are borrowed from human sources in the Qur'an, here we often find statements that clearly contradict Divine Revelation .

So in the theoretical part it is stated:

a) that everything that happens in the world is subject to unconditional predestination by Allah, but it cannot happen otherwise (17:13; 9:53);

b) that, in particular, every person has his own inevitable, irreversible fate (17:13), everyone is destined for a certain lifestyle and activity, good or evil, which clearly undermines all freedom and morality, and God becomes the culprit of evil;

c) that God created many people for hell, and therefore in the proper sense there is a despot (7: 180; 37: 163; 3: 189);

d) that the eternal bliss of the righteous in paradise will consist in the most gross sensual pleasures (2:25; 37:41; 55:45), and so on.

The inevitable fruit of such a doctrine is that all Muslim morality is limited to strict execution of external decrees , while almost no attention is paid to the correction of the heart (moreover, sin is understood only as ignorance of the law).

The main weakness of Islamic dogma is that it is only a religious law, a set of rules and regulations and does not give a direct connection with God (See the comparative table ). Muslims took on faith the sayings of Mohammed, who never communicated with the Creator directly and gave the divine properties of the book with the record of these sayings - the Koran. At the same time, they stubbornly refuse to accept faith in the Living God, who became incarnate, condescended to fallen humanity for his salvation, revealed Himself to communicate with all people. The living God rejects formalism in relation to Himself and says: “Son, give Me your heart!”. He needs precisely the human heart, and not properly executed laws and rituals. The Creator and Savior of the world is open to any person who addresses Him with sincere prayer andby repentance . The living God asks for the love of Himself, not for the dead rituals, which is clearly seen from His attitude to Pharisees in piety in the Gospels.

Inspirational Islamic Quotes with Images

by Mufti Ismael Menk and Bilal Philips

Time is a gift from the Almighty. How do you use it? You can either use it to worry and complain or to pray. Remember, one drains you the other changes you. The choice is yours. Make a wise choice. Experience the positive effect it will have in your life!

beautiful islamic quotes about life

Don’t worry about what has passed. Where you’re headed is more important than where you’ve been. Look ahead with hope in the Almighty’s Mercy. That is what you need to see you through. So keep going and don’t look back because you’re not revisiting the past any longer.

islamic quotes about life with images

Think well of others and see what it does to your heart. Each time you hear something bad about someone, don’t spread it, give him the benefit of the doubt. Put yourself in his position. Protect yourself from worrisome thoughts that disturb your mind. Keep the peace!

Almighty. On this blessed day, we thank You for guiding us when we felt lost & didn't know where to go, for always being there when everyone abandoned us, for shining Your light when we felt afraid of the dark & for carrying us through when we thought we couldn't make it!

Protect your good deeds at all costs. Foolish is the one who does a lot of good but doesn’t control his tongue and engages in backbiting, gossip & slander without batting an eyelid. He may turn up Judgement Day as a bankrupt, having to repay everyone he has wronged!

islam quotes images

At times, you may have to let go of certain people in order to please the Almighty. You may feel alone initially but the truth is you’re never lonely. He is always there for you. You only have to reach out to Him & when you put Him before everything else, He’ll reward you!

islamic sayings and quotes

Today’s world has established for mankind certain measures by which the merits of a 21st century person are evaluated. These criteria in principle can be divided into two types: ideal and material.

The first are kindness, honesty, help, pity, and other characteristics that rely on morality and spirituality. To the second — first of all, material well-being — that is, if a person has a certain amount of money, a new foreign car, a good home, a prestigious job, a big salary, etc. Recently, the topics of conversation, which most often concern the material side of life, have become topical. Even those conversations that are not directly related to the world of human well-being, in the end, boil down to the issue that concerns us each. This is true: if you ask your friend, brother, someone about health, then the conversation naturally turns to the disease, its treatment and, thus, the need to buy expensive medicines, which is not always affordable ...

Yes, indeed, money is needed without them is bad. No one will argue that for a normal life without money and at least the average level of well-being is not enough. But the topic of this article is not about whether it is bad or good to talk about money and the level of well-being of each person. We are concerned about the imbalance between the spiritual and material aspects of our life, which threatens normal human relationships.

Today, by modern standards, it is not so important what kind of person you are: decent, kind and honest or quite the opposite? The fact is that your decency does not feed and does not make a profit - and no one will pay attention to your kindness or honesty, if for some reason you do not have money. It became an obvious fact that the people of the 21st century turned into a soulless body, whose life is dedicated only to material prey, and not to the acquisition of spiritual wealth. The strongest psychological impact of the material world and its shades suppresses those people who seek to adhere to the balanced state of a civilized humane person. They are getting smaller in today's world! It is harder and harder to maintain one’s life position where the environment dictates its own conditions of existence: “If you want to live, move in the general flow, and then we will see ... After all, God is Merciful, Forgiving. And, - in the end, you are one of many, not the first and not the last ... And what can you do alone against this powerful stream? ”

In order for our discussion to be constructive and focused, we, as Muslims, must clearly define our value criteria, and only then can we build our conversation, draw further conclusions, and make recommendations. Imagine that we live in a world where the dignity of a person depends on his wealth and material well-being, and his soulful, humane traits are lost forever. In such a world, one can observe the scene when a man offers his hand and heart to a girl, and a certificate from the bank is asked about the condition of his money bag. Or another option: a person comes to the hospital for an operation, and he is required to show a bank check so that the doctor can decide whether to operate on him or not. Or again: a person who needs material assistance comes to you, and you refuse him because you have your own family, your children,

We have to realize what is happening with us: we are moving in a stream that leads us to a dead end of anti-humanism, where we confidently come - if not today, then tomorrow ... Or maybe we will let everyone live as he pleases, and the rest - God will judge? 

Not true! Now, more than ever, it is acutely felt that not everyone cares that many do not want to live in a world where the main criterion is only the material side of life. And this my conviction gives me the confidence and strength to continue my article and try to think about ways or steps that can stop those who are lost in the shades of this material world. 

Our great religion Islam clearly defined the balance lost between many spiritual and material worlds: “And with the help of what Allah granted you, strive to find the abode of the next life. Do not neglect your share in this world, do good, just as Allah has done good for you, and do not seek outrage on earth, for Allah does not love those who are outrageous ”(28:77). 

Islam does not share religious and secular lifestyles - they complement each other in a harmony that they rarely or will never see in other religions or legislations. " ... - after all, We have not missed anything in this Scripture, - and then they will all be gathered before their Lord ." (6:38).

The first and foremost factor of our life should be piety, - our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) clearly defined in his sermon, which he said in his last Hajj: “There is no difference between black and white, Arab and non-Arab, - superiority between They determine the fear of God. " 

Secondly, a Muslim commits acts based on his intention, and when he commits a good deed, he does it for the sake of Allah and waits for encouragement only from Him, and not from those whom he has rendered any help: “ I do not ask you are rewarded for it, for only the Lord of the worlds will reward me ”(26: 109). 

Thirdly, a person becomes an owner of wealth or property by the will of Allah: “It was He who made you the heirs of the earth and exalted in degrees one above the other in order to test you in what He gave you. Verily, He is quick in punishment, and verily, He is forgiving, merciful ”(6: 165). And the person realizes that it is necessary to dispose of this property according to the established standards of the Almighty. Consequently, a Muslim knows that, at the behest of Allah, not only he has the right to this property, but also the needy, the poor, the members of their families, the state. And he cannot shy away from the observance of these rights, because he is obedient to the will of the Lord, who knows all his thoughts, intentions, and deeds. 

Allah the Most High established for man laws and norms that should act in accordance with the order and proportionality determined by Him, and warned us from falling into the imbalance that we talked about at the beginning of the article.

Our Creator wishes us the best: “ Allah wishes you relief, not difficulty ” (2: 185). He established a certain harmonious order of our lives. But the person refused these norms and believes that he knows everything and can do everything, and therefore does not need advice or restrictions. But for some reason, if a doctor prescribes an appropriate course of treatment for him, he tries to carry it out in the most thorough way. Is not Allah Almighty and All-Knowing? If someone thinks otherwise, then let him choose his own personal, own way of life and, in the end, he himself is personally responsible for his actions and deeds. 

The Most High established that our wealth and property should not be more precious to us than the love of Him and His Prophet: “Say (Muhammad):“If your fathers, sons, brothers, spouses, your families, accumulated property, trade, the stagnation of which you fear, and dwellings that you rejoice, if all this is dearer to you than Allah, His Messenger and the struggle for His work, then wait until the will of Allah is fulfilled. After all, Allah does not instruct sinners on the straight path ”(9:24). He said that our property and children can become Fitna (test) for us, and we must take a very responsible approach to this issue: “ Know that your property and your children are a test for you and that Allah has a great reward for believers ” ( 8:28). He determined for us the degree of legality of using the acquired property and called for spending part of it on the way of Allah: “And those who suffer, striving for the countenance of Allah, perform a ceremonial prayer, spend it secretly and clearly from what We gave to them, and prevent evil from good. They are destined to dwell ”(13:22). Gd warned us about greed and love for material life and showed us the way to purification from this dirt. Our Creator knows everything about us and, therefore, can offer man the most optimal way of salvation from imbalance.

Modern man has become a money-making robot, a soulless monster that seeks to impose its paw on everything around it. This is palpable in our everyday life, we all see it, but no one wants to ask ourselves: what end awaits us all and whether someone will help us solve our current problems - the fear and excitement that each of us has at home, at work , on the street, everywhere. It is time for us to think strongly about the moral degradation of a person, about the loss of spiritual and moral values. We all fear war, the atomic bomb, weapons of mass destruction, but we forget that all these horrors were created by a man himself who wants to prove to himself that he can live without God and without a patron.

In this regard, we all face the main question: so what do we do if we do not solve anything? This question has always been and probably will be quite a long time the most urgent and most important for us. And we ask it not only because we want to know the answer; - we want positive shifts and changes, and therefore we want to act! In this case, it is necessary to take into account the first and important point: we really see a danger, we are convinced that there is a threat of loss of moral values. And we should think about it, we should be concerned about the fate of humanity. This question should occupy part of our thoughts, our concerns, just as we always think about a piece of bread, about how and where to earn it ... This question should be constantly discussed, explaining the degree of danger of the problem to those people who Do not think about its seriousness. We have to talk and write about it! We should not be silent, because to close the mouth of justice is to destroy us all! Let each of us look at ourselves, begin with ourselves and begin to live according to the laws established by God.

We are human beings, rational beings born by Allah. We can not live like animals - just eat, sleep and not think about anything. After all, Allah conceived and created us not such: “ Undoubtedly, We bestowed honor on the sons of Adam and, by Our will, they moved on land and sea, We gave them benefits and gave them a clear superiority over other creatures. (17:70). The fate of our future depends on me, you and others, on the strength of our conviction in the truth of the word of the Most High.

Life is all about Islam 

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