Wednesday, January 30, 2019

In Islam: How to Stop Racism ? Ways To Deal With Bigotry

How is every one ? Alhamdolillah. We ask Allah S.W.T to accept our good deeds and forgive us. ameen

If you have a car a vehicle and it has an amazing exterior , suspension is awesome , interior is immaculate It has perfect specs. But if you don't put gas in it then how far it will go ?  No where right ? And also it is run based on the fuel quality in it. This equation is similar to Muslims and Eemaan (Faith)      

Muslim like a car, looks well functioning MashALLAH, but with out Eemaan (Faith) in side heart it is just like all good looking outside.  He/she cant function without faith. Deen is dependent upon the level of eemaan in the heart of the believers. 

Core of what eemaan is and how it functions how we can learn to make it work for us how we can learn to thanking back to eemaan.

Every human actions began with the thought. Our thought process is what leads towards sayings and action. That is why in Islam it is focused on to take great care of your thinking. Like in case of rage we are asked to change our current physical position and drink water to get control our thought process which is hijacked by Satan during furious situation.

So we can change the way we think, we can change the way we perceive and we can change the intentions we make. Our intentions are purely to please Allah S.W.T. If we are able to get succeed in it then our every word, every action would be a Da'awa and a great kher InshAllah. even we can be rewarded during sleep inshALLAH.    

What is Eman?
Believe in Allah, his Angels, His Books, His Rasools, Yom-e-Akhera (Day of judgment) and Taqdeer. Emaan is firm believe of something believe of Yes and No. This is matter of fact for us.This believe that fuse us to act upon accordingly. Such as salah (Namaz), Zaka, Hajj etc. We listen and we obey.

How to deal with racism ?

Why Muslims won battles in the history when they were weaker , less resourceful and less in numbers as compared to enemies ? Because their Hearts were pure and fill with faith and they love each other they help each other and Allah S.W.T gave them victory over victory. This was pure Eemaan.    

Racism is one of the biggest problem that Muslim umma (Nation) is facing. Islam has already clearly stated that Muslims are brothers and no one is above in status due to his region,color and ethnicity. Only Taqwa is the reference of getting superiority. Racism/bigotry is against Deen Islam and our faith.

 In Human beings recorded history our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W was the 1st man to challenge racism/bigotry and wiped it out. To face this issue we have teaching of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W when he faced bigotry. Seek Allah's help and with patience, help each and every human being without any discrimination at the time of need. Be open to all in actions and utmost respectful.Be just to all not only to Muslims only. 

Our Mosques should be open for all for community and support those who are homeless and cant even afford food. This is what the purpose of Islam is to make everyone believer and together we go to Jannah after living worldly life as per Deen.       

Alcoholism, drug addiction, child abuse,Orphanage and poverty problems around us.If we don't know then there is a huge problem. Where are Muslims? Find out.Why don't we show them the path of Mosques to consider these places as a help center as well ? Isn't that part of our Deen to eradicate these issues in the lives of other people ?

There are many brothers and sisters who are doing great efforts in helping community we are not going to disregard them but as a whole we need to do a lot.       

We have been sent to guide others towards Islam just like our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W did.
So be visionary and live life as per Deen and go out and help others who are lost in this world.Its upon us the responsibility now.

These are proven Islamic ways to solve racism and bigotry.We must simply follow them.


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